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RecitationQuranQuran Recitation Course

The primary objective of this course is to help students recite Quran in the way it is to be recited. The experienced teachers teach the students regarding the rules that need to be followed in order to recite the words and verses properly. After completion of this course successfully, a student is able to recite Quran like an expert. 


Teaching Methodology:

Following measures are taken to ensure effective Quran recitation: 

  • The students are taught the pronunciation of every alphabet.
  • The students are then taught the different pronunciation variations of the same alphabet in different words.
  • Students are also familiarized with pause and continuation signs in verses that help in better recitation.
  • Different rules of tajweed like Ikhfa Meem Saakin, Qalb, Ghunna and so on all are taught to the students.
  • The teacher recites the verses first and then the student is asked to recite the verse in the same manner.

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