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Parent Comments

This page contains views and comments of a few of the hundereds of satisfied parents and students of Al-Quranacademy.com, who after receiving quality service, took the time to leave a comment about the ay they were served during their enrollment



Since my kids started to grow, I started searching for a Quran tutor who could teach my kids about Quran and Islam. After a long search I could find any tutor who could come to my home and teach Quran to my children. Luckily when doing online search, if found about Al-Quranacademy and tried their trial service. During the trial period I supervised the classes and found that the method of teaching was quite interesting and the Quran tutor had through knowledge about the rules of pronunciation. Thus, my first two kids learned Quran from the same teacher without me worrying about dropping them to a Quran academy or having to deal with the problems of academies. Now my third child is also a student at Al-Quranacademy and highly recommend it to all those Muslim parents residing in countries of West to have your kids enrolled with Al-Quranacademy to make them learn Quran and about Islam as well. Mudasser Khalid New Jersey, USA

www.Al-Quranacademy is an amazing program. My two kids are studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country and their Online Quran classes go with us. I am happy with their Tajweed and Tafseer services. Being a computer professional, I am glad to see that they have number of computer engineers to resolve any computer issue. All these efforts make the learning process smooth. Believe me; it's awesome! Asif Jafery Virginia, USA

Learning Quran means to stay in touch with Islam. It’s hard to find reliable Quran tutors in U.S. I was worried enough about the Quran education of my two daughters. Then, I explored Al-Quranacademy.com as the best option, due to quality of their services. I always found their CSRs supportive and ready to help in any issue regarding change of timing, or learning sessions. Thank you Al-Quranacademy Team! Sohail Anwar Virginia, USA